BUT...I thought you LOVED me?

I have had the awsome apportuninty to be apart of a ministry called "Celebrate Recovery"for a while now. The idea for these services is for people with addiction to learn to let go and give God control of their life. There is no words to describe the power of these services. When I was invited to lead worship for the first time I wasn't real sure what to expect, but I was in a place in my life where needed God to move in me greatly. As I started to lead worship I begin to feel a great pressure lift from me...It was like a house fell off my shoulders. I was feeling more free than I ever had. The only thing that I could notice was that I was surrounded with people that truely wanted to worship God. Not just because it was the thing to do but because it of their passion for Him.

I have grown up in church all my life. I can remember the day the I accepted Jesus as my Savior King. I was 7 years old and I can remember it like it was a movie I watched last night... Though all the years I have been living for Christ I have not seen a group of people that wanted to just be close to their King like this before. It was the God moving event that I needed in me. I felt all the things that were weighing me down vanish. I learned to let go! If God is not in control of your life then who is? you? I don't think so.

Like I said I have been in church all my life so why did this service inspire me so much. I think simply because I was returning to my first Love. As Christians we can get caught up in the things of the world and before you know it you have slipped right back in to the things that it has for you...... i.e. Depression, lust, anger, FEAR. The devil has all these traps set up and waiting on us to trip over daily. So how do we handle it? We have to map out our course with the Word. It is our sword in battle, our light in darkness, and food when we are hungry. Yet we still leave our first love and chase the things the world has... WHY??? The only way I can compare it is this; have you ever used the phrase with someone "BUT...I thought you LOVED me". I have..We all have probably at some point. Think about what was going through your head...abandonment, hurt, alone... Now imagine God is saying that to us every time we cheat on him. Why is it so easy for us as christians to forget about our first Love. Then come running back when we need Him. Being saved is not just believing that Jesus died for you...It's depending on him for everything you are and knowing you are nothing with out Him. How could we let a world that is going to one day be destroyed sway us from that.

Revelations 2:4 says -Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.

Thank you God for bringing me that Celebrate Recovery service and reminding me of my first love.

May God bless you richly


Join us @
Celebrate Recovery
-thursday nights
Dilworth Church of God
With Rev Dale Lawley


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