Oh My What Big Teeth You Have!!!

Well I guess it's time that I talk about the events that unfolded last Sunday night. I was gonna keep it on the down low. It doesn't really have to do with "my life in ministry" but it is so funny I have to share it.

Last Saturday I had a normal routine day at the house same ole blah blah. It felt amazing outside so I went out and cleaned up the trash around the yard that my beautiful dog, Ellie Mae, decided to tear out. After getting it good and clean I felt like a million dollars. ( as usual when I do something manly) Well, that's just the starter of what took place. Sunday night when I got home from our outreach ministry I noticed something in the yard again...My blood started boiling.....I was not happy with ole Ellie at that very moment. It looked like it was just an old pillow that she had tore up. So I approached......... Just as I was going to pick it up I noticed something very peculiar. This pillow HAD TEETH! AHHH yikes. It looked dead but I wasn't sure, so I kicked it...and I mean hard! Nothing happened...still appeared dead, but it sounded like ole Ellie had some gas...then I come to realize that was not Ellie, no it..........was........THE POSSUM!

I called Mary to the door ( BIG mistake ) and told her about it. Well she started dancing around like the thing was after her. After kicking it again I noticed this old sucker is playin dead and I am not gonna let him get me! I ran into the house ( I feel like this is a good time to say this possum was not ordinary possum...It was a monster possum) anyway I ran into the house to get my gun. I was trying my best to keep Ellie away and keep Mary quite. By this Time she had already called all of her family. So I came back outside and disposed of the vile creature ( For the sake of people who love evil animals like this one...I will not go into details). When it was all said and done me and my now empty gun went back into the house. I looked at Mary and there was only one thing I could say and think...I'm a murderer..................I really did feel bad but that thing could have killed my dog......OR ME!

So anyway As you can see my Sunday night was no ordinary one. Many people wanted to know, why didn't you eat it...I wanna tell you this; I know I live in Alabama but I am not eating a possum.

Besides the crazy opossum, I do wanna leave you with a mighty scripture for today!

Isn't it amazing how much God loves us little ole normal people!

May God Bless you Richly



Mary said...

You are right, I did call ALL of my family. I can't help it! It is just instinct!

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